Hiroshi Saeki - Vacuum gauge system with a self-compensator for photoelectrons produced in the SPring-8 storage ring

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  J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 19(1), 349 - 352 (2001).

  This artcle was presented at the 46th National Symposium of the   AVS, Seattle, U.S.A., 1999.


  07.30.DzVacuum   gauges


  Some Bayard–Alpert gauges mounted on crotch chambers in the   SPring-8 storage ring have indicated minus pressures or lower   pressures due to influx of photoelectrons to their collectors. In   order to measure the pressure correctly in such a vacuum   environment, the authors proposed a vacuum gauge system which   self-compensates for photoelectrons from the external vacuum   environment. The gauge has an added correcting electrode which   detects the photoelectron current, only from the external   environment, and can show the real pressure by compensating the   ion current measured at the collector of the gauge. The proposed   gauge system was developed and tested in an environment of excess   electrons using a heater and in an environment of excess ions   using an electron gun. In the pressure of the range of   10−7–10−6 Pa, the gauge system showed   the real pressure correctly by compensating for charged particles   from the external vacuum environments at the SPring-8 storage   ring.

  Address (URL): http://avspublications.org/jvsta/resource/1/jvtad6/v19/i1/p349_s1