Robert Rafka - Tulathromycin dose exposure relationships in cattle and swine; an analytical method for the analysis of the equilibrating triamilide in bovine and porcine plasma and lung. 

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  D. Galer, S. Hessong, B. Beato, Y. Deng, B. Lewis, D. Grey, J.   Risk, T. Alberts, M. Beasley, B. Cheesman, B. Colglazier, J.   Drumb, D. Gilbert, B. Milner, B. Russell, R. Hassfurther, D. O.   Lewis, Sr., P. Taube, P. Inskeep, C. Weerasinghe, R. P.   Schneider, C. Langer, J. LaPerle, D. Renouf, A. Bessire, E.   Espanol, R. Rafka, C. Ragan, W. Boettner, T. Murphy, D. Keller,   H. Benchaoui, and M. A. Nowakowski (2004), J. Agric. Food Chem.,   52, 2179-2191.


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