Jennifer Duis - Organic chemistry educators’ perspectives on fundamental concepts and misconceptions: An exploratory study

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  Journal of   Chemical Education,   2011, 88(3), 346-350. doi:   10.1021/ed1007266


  An   exploratory study was conducted with 23 organic chemistry   educators to discover what general chemistry concepts they   typically review, the concepts they believe are fundamental to   introductory organic chemistry, the topics students find most   difficult in the subject, and the misconceptions they observe in   undergraduate organic chemistry students. The goal of the study   was to generate an exploratory overview of current practice in   order to spur discussion on organic chemistry curriculum and to   encourage further chemical education research on students’   understandings of organic chemistry concepts. While there were   some overlaps, the differences found between participant   perspectives are striking. In addition, participant perceptions   of fundamental concepts of organic chemistry and the concept   guidelines set forth by the ACS are notably different. While a   number of chemistry misconceptions were noted by the educators,   not all of the participants attempted to identify or were even   aware of student misconceptions in organic chemistry.

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