Shuqin Yu - EGF-functionalized Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Targeting Delivery of Etoposide

Document created by Shuqin Yu on Aug 22, 2014
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    To enhance the therapeutic potential of etoposide (ETO), we   devised a targeted drug delivery system (TDDS) of epidermal   growth factor–chitosan–carboxyl single-walled carbon   nanotubes–ETO (EGF/CHI/SWNT–COOHs/ETO) using modified SWNTs   (m-SWNTs) as the carrier, EGF-functionalized SWNTs (f-SWNTs) as   the targeted moiety and ETO as the drug. After SWNT–COOHs were   conjugated with CHI (CHI/SWNT–COOHs/ETO), they displayed high   solubility and stable dispersion in aqueous solution. The drug   loading capacity was approximately 25–27%. The m-SWNTs and   f-SWNTs had only slight cytotoxicity. ETO was released from   EGF/CHI/SWNT–COOHs/ETO at low pH and taken up by tumour cells via   adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-dependent endocytosis. The cell   death induced by EGF/CHI/SWNT–COOHs/ETO was as much as 2.7 times   that due to ETO alone. In summary, these results demonstrated   that our TDDS had a greater anticancer effect than free   ETO   in vitro.


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