Alexander Shaplov - Direct polycondesation in Ionic Liquids

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  E.I. Lozinskaya, A.S.   Shaplov, Ya.S. Vygodskii. Eur. Polym.   J., 2004, v.40, no. 9, P.   2065-2075.


  Ionic Liquids (ILs) are subject to an enormous research effort   due to their unique properties, such as non-volatility, high   solution and reactivity ability, etc. For the first time ILs have   been used as a solvent for preparing polymers via direct   polycondensation. The influence of IL’s nature and reaction   parameters upon the polymer formulation has been investigated. It   is shown that direct polycondensation is successfully proceeded   in ILs and triphenyl phosphate (condensing agent) without any   additional extra components, such as LiCl and pyridine, using in   similar reactions using ordinary molecular solvents. Various   polyamides (hinh = 0.11 - 1.10 dL/g), polyamide imides (hinh =   0.48 - 1.41 dL/g), -hydrazides (hinh = 0.56 - 0.60 dL/g) and   polyhydrazides (hinh = 0.71 -1.32 dL/g) have been obtained in   quantitative yield and high molecular weight.

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