Ivan Kempson - Surface analysis for compositional, chemical and structural imaging in pharmaceutics with mass spectrometry: A ToF-SIMS perspective

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      TJ Barnes, IM   Kempson, CA Prestidge, Surface analysis for compositional,   chemical and structural imaging in pharmaceutics with mass   spectrometry: A ToF-SIMS perspective,  International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 417,61-69,   2011.


      We review the application of time-of-flight secondary-ion mass   spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) for the surface chemical identification   and distribution analysis (mapping) of pharmaceutically relevant   materials. Specifically we explore the characterization of both   solid state pharmaceuticals and bio-pharmaceuticals

      by ToF-SIMS; highlighting specific case studies concerning the   distribution and stability of pharmaceutical actives within solid   matrices, the face-specific properties of pharmaceutical crystals   and elucidation of the structure/conformation of adsorbed   proteins. Finally, potential future applications of ToF-SIMS in

      pharmaceutics are detailed.

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