Aroop Sircar - IBC’s 22nd Annual Antibody Engineering and 9th Annual Antibody Therapeutics International Conferences and the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Antibody Society, December 5–8, 2011, San Diego, CA

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  Johan Nilvebrant, D. Cameron Dunlop, Aroop Sircar, Thierry Wurch,   Emilia Falkowska, Janice M. Reichert, Gustavo Helguera, Emily C.   Piccione, Simon Brack & Sven Berger

  mAbs, 4(2) 1-29 (2012)


  The 22nd Annual Antibody Engineering and 9th Annual Antibody   Therapeutics international conferences, and the 2011 Annual   Meeting of The Antibody Society, organized by IBC Life Sciences   with contributions from The Antibody Society and two Scientific   Advisory Boards, were held December 5–8, 2011 in San Diego, CA.   The meeting drew ~800 participants who attended sessions on a   wide variety of topics relevant to antibody research and   development. As a preview to the main events, a pre-conference   workshop held on December 4, 2011 focused on antibodies as probes   of structure. The Antibody Engineering Conference comprised eight   sessions: (1) structure and dynamics of antibodies and their   membrane receptor targets; (2) model-guided generation of binding   sites; (3) novel selection strategies; (4) antibodies in a   complex environment: targeting intracellular and misfolded   proteins; (5) rational vaccine design; (6) viral retargeting with   engineered binding molecules; (7) the biology behind potential   blockbuster antibodies and (8) antibodies as signaling modifiers:   where did we go right, and can we learn from success? The   Antibody Therapeutics session comprised five sessions:   (1)Twenty-five years of therapeutic antibodies: lessons learned   and future challenges; (2) preclinical and early stage   development of antibody therapeutics; (3) next generation   anti-angiogenics; (4) updates of clinical stage antibody   therapeutics and (5) antibody drug conjugates and bispecific   antibodies.

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