Gopal Mishra - Single  site  anchored  novel  Cu(II)  catalysts  for  selective  liquid–gas  phase  O2 oxidation  of  n-alkanes

Document created by Gopal Mishra on Aug 22, 2014
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  The pentacoordinate schiff-base trialkoxysilane Cu(II) complexes,   i.e. Cu[Sal(PMeOSi)DPTA], (III-a) and Cu[Cl-Sal(PMeOSi)DPTA],   (III-b) were synthesized and covalently anchored on SiO2 and   Al2O3 matrixes as supported hybrid catalysts (i.e. III-a/SiO2 as   Catal.-1, III-b/SiO2 as Catal.-2, III-a/Al2O3 as Catal.-3 and   III-b/Al2O3 as Catal.-4). The characterization of supported   Cu(II) complexes were performed with SEM-EDX, TGA, ICP, FT-IR and   EPR analysis. Catalytic tests were conducted in the oxidation   (O2) of n-alkanes under relatively mild conditions, in a batch   rocking type reactor. Remarkable high catalytic TONs, from 1468   up to 2422, were observed. Catal.-2 provided the best overall   yield, 25.2% with

  92% selectivity for n-hexane and 20.1% with 75% selectivity for   n-heptane. A 20% improvement in the yields was obtained with PCA   as

  co-catalyst.The impact of both C- and O- centred radical traps   were also assessed in order to establish a radical mechanism.

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