Gopal Mishra - Selective functionalization of n-hexane with molecular O(2) catalyzed by immobilized Cu/Co, Cu/Fe and Co/V complexes on modified Al2O3

Document created by Gopal Mishra on Aug 22, 2014
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    Heterobinuclear macrocyclic complexes, i.e. CuCoL   1, CuFeL 2 and CoVL   3, have been synthesized and anchored onto   modified carbamate Al2O3 in order to obtain new hybrid supported   catalysts. The identities of the supported metal complexes were   confirmed by FT-IR, SEM-EDS and AAS. TGA indicated that the   catalysts were thermally stable up to 230 degrees C. These   catalysts have been tested for the functionalization of n-hexane   with molecular O(2). The best result was obtained with CuFeL   2 over Al2O3 (ca. 19% overall conversion; 78%   selectivity: hexan-2-one plus hexan-2-ol) and promoted conversion   could be obtained with 2-pyrazin-ecarboxylic acid (as   co-catalyst). The effects of various factors (temperature, O(2)   pressure, reaction time and catalyst concentration) were also   investigated in detail. The impact of both C- and O- centred   radical traps was also assessed to establish a radical   mechanism.

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