Diane Dickie - 1,3-Bis(phenyl-sufanylmeth-yl)benzene

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Stewart,Constantine A., Dickie,Diane A.,   Kemp,Richard A., Acta Crystallogr Sect E Struct Rep   Online, 2010, 66 (Pt 3), pp o677-8

  Abstract: The complete mol-ecule of the title   compound, C(20)H(18)S(2), is generated by crystallographic mirror   symmetry, with two C atoms lying on the mirror plane. All of the   independent atoms are contained within two planes defined by the   thio-phenyl rings (C(6)S) and the central phenyl ring with the   methyl-ene bridge; the r.m.s deviations of these planes are 0.012   and 0.025 Å, respectively. The two planes are almost   perpendicular to one another at a dihedral angle of 80.24 (10)°.   Inter-molecular C-H-π inter-actions are present in the crystal   structure.[on SciFinder (R)]

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