Lester Brown - Annealing of Amorphous FexCo100-x Nanoparticles synthesized by a modified aqueous reduction using NaBH4

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    Journal of Applied Physics   / Volume  107   / Issue  9   /   PROCEEDINGS OF THE 11TH JOINT MMM-INTERMAG CONFERENCE,   WASHINGTON, DC, 2010   /   Soft Magnetic Materials and Domains


  FexCo100−x nanoparticles were synthesized by aqueous reduction in   iron (II) sulfate and cobalt (II) sulfate using sodium   borohydride and sodium citrate. The initial concentrations of   iron and cobalt were varied while maintaining an overall metal   concentration of 4.60 mM. Increasing the cobalt content from 0 to   100 at. % decreased the magnetization saturation from 152 to 48   emu/g, as determined by room temperature vibrating sample   magnetometry. Annealing the samples at 450 and 600 °C showed an   increase in crystallite size. Powder x-ray diffraction and   transmission electron microscopy was performed to determine the   phases and morphology of the materials

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