Marilyne Stains - A Novel Instrument for Assessing Students’ Critical Thinking Abilities

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    White, B., Stains, M., Escriu-Sune, M., Medaglia, E., Rostamnjad,   L., Chinn, C., & Sevian, H. (2011). A Novel Instrument for   Assessing Students’ Critical Thinking Abilities.    Journal of College Science Teaching,   40(5),   102-107


  Science literacy involves knowledge of both science content and   science process skills. In this study, we describe the Assessment   of Critical Thinking Ability survey and its preliminary   application to assess the critical thinking skills of   undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral   fellows. This survey is based on a complex and partially   conflicting data set drawn from the medical literature of the   early 20th century. Several open-response questions ask subjects   to synthesize the data to a single conclusion, propose studies to   increase confidence in the conclusion, and ask if other   conclusions are possible. Their responses to each question are   scored on a 4-level scale in terms of their ability to deal with   the complexity and conflicts in the data. We found a significant   increasing trend in these skills with increased academic level as   well as significant room for improvement.

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