Javier Vargas Medrano - Cypermethrin, deltamethrin and glyphosate affect the activity of the human Ca2+-ATPase

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Vargas-Medrano, J., Sierra-Fonseca, A. J., Carrillo-Arellano, M., and Plenge-Tellechea, L. F. (2011). Cypermethrin, deltamethrin and glyphosate affect the activity of the human Ca2+-ATPase. Tecnociencia Chihuahua.  5(3):111-120.


  The extensive use of pesticides can cause many human health   problems. However, the effects of pesticides on a biochemical   level are still poorly understood. In this study we analyzed the   effect of different pesticides on the plasma membrane   Ca2+-ATPase (PMCA) and on the sarco/endoplasmic   reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA) activities. Different   amounts of pesticides were added to the Ca2+-dependent   ATPase assays in order to determine if they were affecting the   ATPase activity. The results showed that PMCA activity was   partially inhibited by deltamethrin to 51.85% ± 3.7 when its   concentration in the reaction medium was 0.5 mM, while   cypermethrin and glyphosate stimulated the PMCA activity at the   lowest concentrations tested. The maximum stimulatory effect of   cypermethrin was of 155% ± 9.0 at a concentration of 0.2 mM. In   addition, the herbicide glyphosate stimulated the activity 111% ±   2.0 at a concentration of 0.2 mM. In conclusion, our results   showed that PMCA activity was partially inhibited by   deltamethrin, but cypermethrin and glyphosate stimulated their   activity. Our findings suggest that cypermethrin and deltamethrin   have different structure-activity relationships. However, SERCA   was not sensitive to deltamethrin or glyphosate. These   differences may be reflected in disturbs over cellular calcium   regulation.

  Address (URL): http://tecnociencia.uach.mx/numeros/v5n3/data/Cypermethrin_deltamethrin_and_glyp hosate_affect_the_activity_of_the_Ca2_ATPase_from_human_erythrocyte.pdf