Joseph Sabol - The effect of doping on global lattice properties of magnetite Fe3−xMexO4, (Me = Zn, Ti and Al).

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  J. Solid State Chemistry 192 (2012) 120–126.


  X-ray powder diffraction was measured in Fe3-xMexO4 (Me = Zn, Ti,   Al; x < 0.065), in T range 70–300 K to see the effect of   different doping on global lattice properties. The experimental   results have shown that some lattice properties (e.g., the cell   volume) are dopand specific. This can be attributed to the   difference in preferential sites occupation by dopants. As   confirmed by EXAFS, Zn enters tetrahedral, while Ti octahedral   lattice sites, differently affecting crucial octahedral iron   positions in the spinel lattice. However, despite this fact, it   was found that T dependence of both monoclinic angle and lattice   parameters is universal for studied samples above and below the   Verwey transition temperature TV. So, not the iron atoms in   octahedral positions individually, but interactions between them   are responsible for the Verwey transition character change with   doping.

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