Ivan Kempson - Dress in layers: Layering surface functionalities in nanoporous aluminium oxide membranes

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  AM Md   Jani, IM   Kempson, D Losic, NH   Voelcker, Dress in   layers: Layering surface functionalities in nanoporous aluminium   oxide membranes. Angewandte Chemie – Int Ed,   49(43)7933–7937, 2010.


  Enhanced control over the surface properties of porous materials   is of great interest owing to applications as diverse as the   detection of chemical and biological species, molecular   separation, drug delivery, and catalysis.[1–3] Recent research   has made inroads into this issue, devising experimental

  strategies towards surface manipulation in porous materials.[4–7]   However, the increasingly stringent device requirements for   advanced applications, such as energy storage, controlled   release, biochemical gates, nanoreactors, sorption, and   high-performance molecular transport and separation, demand the   development of multiphasic, responsive, and multifunctional   materials.

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