Ivan Kempson - Detecting the presence of denatured human serum albumin in an adsorbed protein monolayer by using TOF-SIMS

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  IM Kempson,   AL Martin, JA Denman, P French, CA Prestidge, TJ Barnes,   Detecting the presence of denatured human serum albumin in an   adsorbed protein monolayer by using TOF-SIMS. Langmuir,   26(14)12075-12080, 2010.


  Wedemonstrate the application of time-of-flight secondary ion   mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) in conjunction with multivariate   statistics to differentiate trace levels of denatured proteins in   adsorbed monolayers; specifically, human serum albumin (HSA) on   oxidized silicon substrates. Subtle differences in protein   conformation due to thermal denaturation of HSA, unable to be   determined by dynamic light scattering nor circular dichroism,   were differentiated by TOF-SIMS. The fragmentation pattern is   highly sensitive to protein conformation, allowing assessment of   relative amounts of proteins in mixtures and quantifying amounts   of denatured protein in a sample. Discussion is presented on   ascribing orientation and conformational differences between   samples based upon TOF-SIMS spectra. This has implications for   detecting denatured protein in biotechnology and medical   applications.

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