Ivan Kempson - The occurrence and incorporation of Cu and Zn in hair and their potential role as bio-indicators. A review.

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  IM Kempson,   WM Skinner, KP Kirkbride, The occurrence and incorporation of Cu   and Zn in hair and their potential role as bio-indicators. A   review. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health  Part B, 10,611-622, 2007.


  This article reviews evidence that suggests Cu and Zn   concentrations are not altered significantly by exogenous   processes and may be useful in applications of hair analysis. The   review attempts to identify what Cu and Zn concentrations may   actually indicate biogenically and investigates the mechanisms by   which they are incorporated into hair. Associations with specific   hair components are proposed and avenues for development as a   bioindicator are identified. Areas of research that offer promise   in application or confirming the use of Cu and Zn are also   indicated. Correlations and relationships with other health   disorders are reviewed. Endogenous blood concentrations may also   explain alterations in hair structure relating to breast cancer.

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