Veronika Zinovyeva - Electrosynthesis as a Powerful Method for Generation of Catalytic Intermediates: Straightforward Isolation of a Palladium Aryl Halide Oxidative Addition Product

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  Chemistry   A European Journal 2011,   17, 9901-9906.

  Zinovyeva   V. A., Luo   C., Fournier S., Devillers C. H., Cattey H., Doucet H., Hierso   J.-C., Lucas D.


  Polyphosphane ligands of controlled conformation   promote highly efficient palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling   reactions. Electrosynthesis has been used as a new   straightforward method to obtain important intermediates in the   search for a better mechanistic understanding. As a proof of   concept, the facile synthesis of a phenyl iodopalladium(II)   complex (2) was conducted at the electrolysis   scale from a readily electrogenerated unstable Pd0  precursor (see scheme).


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