Amy Keirstead - Influence of the Alkali Metal Cation on the Distance of Electron Migration in Zeolite Y:  A Nanosecond Laser Photolysis Study

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  Amy E. Keirstead,   Norman P. Schepp,   Frances L. Cozens

  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 01/2007; 111(38):14247.


  Zeolites have been identified as promising solid-state host   materials for the design of alternative energy systems due to   their ability to promote long-lived charge-separated states.   Herein we investigate the ability of alkali metal   cation-exchanged Y zeolites to mediate the formation of a   spatially separated radical cation/radical anion pair by   photoinduced electron migration. The chosen system is the   electron-transfer reaction between photoexcited trans-anethole   and co-incorporated 1,4-dicyanobenzene taking place within the   internal cavities of the Y zeolite. The results from the   investigation show that varying the alkali metal cation within   the Y zeolite framework significantly influences the distance of   electron migration and that the electrons travel farthest within   dry NaY as compared to the other alkali metal cation-exchanged Y   zeolites. The presence of intrazeolite water was also found to   impede electron migration within the zeolite matrix.

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