Gopal Mishra - Hydro-reformation of saturated hydrocarbons with novel MCM-41 immobilized Re(V) complex catalysts.

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  Gopal  S.   Mishra*, Anil Kumar, Applied Catalysis A: General,   429-430 (2012) 1 - 8, Hydro-reformation of saturated hydrocarbons   with novel MCM-41 immobilized Re(V) complex catalysts   .


  The hetero-functionalized phosphines HPN2,   H2PNO and HPN-Pip containing tricarbonyl Re(V)   complexes i.e.  [Re(CO)33-PN2)]   (I),   [Re(CO)3Br(κ2-H2PNO)]   (II) and   [Re(CO)3Br(κ2-HPN-Pip)]   (III) were covalently bonded to modified and   MCM-41 to obtain novel supported hybrid catalysts. Remarkable   high catalytic effects were observed with these catalysts in the   hydroisomerization of n-alkanes at low temperature. The   catalyst II/MCM-41 provided the highest TONs   3.32 × 103 with 37 % yield for n-hexane and   3.18 × 103 with 30 % yield for n-heptane.   Under optimized condition, good selectivities for   n-hexane (85 %) and for n-heptane (91 %) were   obtained.. The TGA was used to evaluate the stability of   catalysts and reusable for several cycles. A possible   carbenium-based mechanism been used to explain product formation.

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