Kevin Morgan - TAP studies on 2% Ag/-Al2O3 catalyst for selective reduction of oxygen in a H2-rich ethylene feed

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  K. Morgan, B.   Inceesungvorn, A. Goguet, C. Hardacre, F.C. Meunier, S.O.   Shekhtman

  Accepted by Catalysis   Science and Technology (2012)


  Catalysts currently employed for the polymerization of ethylene   have previously been found to deactivate in the presence of   oxygen. It is, therefore, important that oxygen is removed from   the ethylene feedstock prior to the polymerization. The   Ag/γ–Al2O3  catalyst exhibits excellent activity and selectivity toward   oxygen reduction with hydrogen in the presence of ethylene. TAP   vacuum pulse experiments have been utilised to understand the   catalytic behaviour of the   Ag/γ–Al2O3  catalyst. TAP multi-pulse experiments have determined the types   of active sites that are found on the   Ag/γ–Al2O3  catalyst, and the intrinsic activity of these sites. The lifetime   of the reactive adsorbed oxygen intermediate has also been   determined through TAP consecutive pulse experiments. Multi-pulse   and consecutive pulse data have been combined with ethylene   adsorption/desorption rate constants to provide an overview of   the   Ag/γ–Al2O3  catalyst system.

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