Kevin Morgan - Time of Flight mass spectrometry for quantitative data analysis in fast transient studies using a Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP) Reactor

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  Analyst,   Volume 136, Pages 155-163 (2011)


  A. Goguet,   C. Hardacre, N. Maguire, K. Morgan, S.O. Shekhtman, S.P.   Thompson


  A Time of Flight (ToF) mass spectrometer suitable in terms of   sensitivity, detector response and time resolution, for   application in fast transient Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP)   kinetic catalyst characterization is reported. Technical   difficulties associated with such application as well as the   solutions implemented in terms of adaptations of the ToF   apparatus are discussed. The performance of the ToF was validated   and the full linearity of the specific detector over the full   dynamic range was explored in order to ensure its applicability   for the TAP application. The reported TAP-ToF setup is the first   system that achieves the high level of sensitivity allowing   monitoring of the full 0-200 AMU range simultaneously with   sub-millisecond time resolution. In this new set-up, the high   sensitivity allows the use of low intensity pulses ensuring that   transport through the reactor occurs in the Knudsen diffusion   regime and that the data can, therefore, be fully analysed using   the reported theoretical TAP models and data processing.

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