Lei Gao - Gold(I) Complexes of Brominated Azadipyrromethene Ligands

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  Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 51, 7682-7688


  Azadipyrromethenes are luminescent, red-light absorbing dyes that   readily bind BF2+ and metals. Their   framework allows for structural modification at the phenyl arms   and the two pyrrolic carbon positions. Here we report five new   gold(I) complexes with azadipyrromethene ligands brominated at   the pyrrolic carbons and/or the four phenyl substituents. New   complexes are characterized by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy,   X-ray crystallography, optical absorption and emission   spectroscopy, and elemental analysis. The new compounds have a   perturbed two-coordinate geometry in the crystalline state, with   gold(I) binding one dimethylphenylphosphine ancillary ligand and   one pyrrole nitrogen of the azadipyrromethene. The second   azadipyrromethene pyrrole nitrogen perturbs the linear   coordination. These complexes maintain the absorption features of   the free ligands. Excitation in the near-ultraviolet generates   emission in the near-UV and visible regions. Density-functional   theory calculations indicate that the photoproperties of the new   compounds arise almost entirely from the conjugated ligands and   not from the (phosphine)gold(I) fragments.

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