Diane Dickie - Synthesis of the bulky m-terphenyl phenol Ar*OH (Ar* = C6H3-2,6-Mes2, Mes = 2,4,6-trimethylphenyl) and the preparation and structural characterization of several of its metal complexes.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Dickie,Diane A., MacIntosh,Ian S.,   Ino,Daisuke D., He,Qi, Labeodan,Ojisamola A., Jennings,Michael   C., Schatte,Gabriele, Walsby,Charles J., Clyburne,Jason A. C.,   Can. J. Chem., 2008, 86 (1),   pp 20-31

  Abstract: The bulky m-terphenyl phenol Ar*OH (1,   Ar* = C6H3-2,6-Mes2, Mes = 2,4,6-trimethylphenyl) was synthesized   via the treatment of Ar*Li with nitrobenzene. The phenol 1 was   prepd. in modest to good yield using this method. Attempts were   also made to prep. 1 through oxidn. of the bulky boronic acid   Ar*B(OH)2 with Oxone, but this reaction was not suitable for   preparative-scale reactions. Side products of the reaction   between Ar*Li and nitrobenzene were identified as Ar*[N(O)Ph] and   [C6H5N(O)]2 and were characterized by x-ray crystallog. and EPR   spectroscopy. A variety of main-group and transition-metal   complexes of Ar*OH were prepd., Sn(OAr*)2, Ge(OAr*)2,   [N(SiMe3)2]Ge(OAr*), [Me2Al(OAr*)]2, and Ti(NMe2)(OAr*)2. All   compds. were characterized spectroscopically and most were   studied by single-crystal x-ray diffraction as well. [on   SciFinder(R)]

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