Brad Sleebs - Exploitation of the Arndt-Eistert homologation of N-methyl--amino acids for concomitant ester and N-methyl peptide formation.   

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  Australian   Journal of Chemistry (2008),   61(2),   131-137


  Results from studies   of the Arndt–Eistert homologation of N-methyl-α-amino   acids with concomitant ester and amide formation is discussed.   The applicability of the use of ultrasound was investigated in   the Wolff rearrangement of diazoketones for the production of   esters and amides. This methodology was then applied to a novel   ‘N-methyl coupling’ that allows simultaneous β-amino   acid formation. Conventional ‘PyBroP N-methyl couplings’   were also performed as a comparison to establish the validity of   the method.

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