Ivan Kempson - Applications of synchrotron radiation to forensic trace evidence analysis

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  IM Kempson,   WM Skinner, KP Kirkbride, J Coumbaros, Applications of   synchrotron radiation to forensic trace evidence analysis.   Talanta, 67,286-303, 2005.


  Synchrotron radiation sources have proven to be highly beneficial   in many fields of research for the characterization of materials.   However, only a very limited proportion of studies have been   conducted by the forensic science community. This is an area in   which the analytical benefits provided by synchrotron sources   could prove to be very important. This review summarises the   applications found for synchrotron radiation in a forensic   trace-evidence context as well as other areas of research that   strive for similar analytical scrutiny and/or are applied to   similar sample materials. The benefits of synchrotron radiation   are discussed in relation to common infrared, X-ray fluorescence,   tomographic and briefly, X-ray diffraction and scattering   techniques. In addition, X-ray absorption fine structure analysis   (incorporating XANES and EXAFS) is highlighted as an area in   which significant contributions into the characterization of   materials can be obtained. The implications of increased spatial   resolution on microheterogeneity are also considered and   discussed.

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