Ivan Kempson - Antagonistic effects of cadmium on lead accumulation in pregnant and non-pregnant mice

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  E Smith, D Gancarz, A   Rofe, IM Kempson, J Weber, AL Juhasz, Antagonistic effects of   cadmium on lead accumulation in pregnant and non-pregnant mice,   Journal of Hazardous Materials, 199-200, 453-456,   2012.


  People are frequently exposed to combinations of contaminants but   there is a paucity of data on the effects of mixed contaminants   at low doses. This study investigated the influence of cadmium   (Cd) on lead (Pb) accumulation in pregnant and non-pregnant mice   following exposure to contaminated soil.

  Exposure to Pb from contaminated soils increased Pb accumulation   in both pregnant and non-pregnant mice compared to unexposed   control animals (pregnant and non-pregnant). Lead accumulation in   the liver and kidneys of exposure pregnant mice (40±15 mg Pb   kg−1) was significantly higher (P < 0.05) than concentrations   detected in control pregnant mice (<1 mg Pb kg−1). The   presence of Cd in contaminated soil had a major effect on the Pb   and Fe accumulation in the kidneys and liver, respectively. This   study shows that Pb uptake is mediated by the presence of Cd in   the co-contaminated soil and demonstrates that further research   is required to investigate the influence of co-contaminants on   human exposure at sub-chronic concentrations.

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