Ivan Kempson - Tailored Au nanorods: optimizing functionality, controlling the aspect ratio and increasing biocompatibility.

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  XQ Cai, CL   Wang, HH Chen, CC Chien, SF Lai, YY Chen, TE Hua, IM Kempson, Y   Hwu, CS Yang, G Margaritondo, Tailored Au nanorods: optimizing   functionality, controlling the aspect ratio and increasing   biocompatibility. Nanotechnology, 21,335604,  2010.


  Monodisperse gold nanorods with high aspect ratio were   synthesized by x-ray irradiation. Irradiation was first used to   stimulate the creation of seeds. Afterward, nanorod growth was   stimulated either by chemical reduction or again by x-ray   irradiation. In the last case, the entire process took place   without reducing agents. The shape of the final products could be   controlled by modulating the intensity of the x-ray irradiation   during the seed synthesis. In turn, the nanorod aspect ratio   determines the absorption wavelength of the nanorods that can   thus be optimized for different applications. Likewise, the   aspect ratio influences the uptake of the nanorods by HeLa cells.

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