Nazmiye Yapici - New Rhodamine Nitroxide Based Fluorescent Probes for Intracellular Hydroxyl Radical Identification in Living Cells

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        N Yapici et al, Org. Lett.,    2012,    14   (1), DOI:pp 50–53,   10.1021/ol202816m


        The synthesis, characteristics, and biological applications of a   series of new rhodamine nitroxide fluorescent probes that enable   imaging of hydroxyl radicals (•OH) in living cells are described.   These probes are highly selective for •OH in aqueous solution,   avoiding interference from other reactive oxygen species (ROS),   and they facilitate •OH imaging in biologically active samples.   The robust nature of these probes (high specificity and   selectivity, and facile synthesis) offer distinct advantages over   previous methods for •OH detection.

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