Diane Dickie - Insertion of carbon dioxide into main-group complexes: formation of the [N(CO2)3]3- ligand.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Dickie,Diane A., Parkes,Marie V.,   Kemp,Richard A., Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.,   2008, 47 (51), pp 9955-9957

  Abstract: Under mild conditions CO2 reacts with   [Sr{N(PPh2)2}2](THF)3 to oxidatively cleave PPh2 groups,   resulting in the new ligand [N(CO2)3]3- in   [Sr6{O2CN(PPh2)2}6{N(CO2)3}2]. The Sr6 framework chem. fixates   twelve equiv. of CO2, half by the formation of two [N(CO2)3]3-   ligands and the other half by CO2 insertion to form the   unprecedented phosphanyl-substituted carbamate ligand   O2CN(PPh2)2. [on SciFinder(R)]

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