Diane Dickie - Structure of Organic and Metal-Organic Networks Based on a Bifunctional m-Terphenyl Carboxylic Acid.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Dickie,Diane A., Schatte,Gabriele,   Jennings,Michael C., Jenkins,Hilary A., Khoo,Sarah Y. L.,   Clyburne,Jason A. C., Inorg. Chem.,   2006, 45 (4), pp 1646-1655

  Abstract: A series of metal-org. frameworks   (MOFs) based upon the ligand 2,6-diphenyl-1,4-dibenzoic acid   [Ph2C6H2(CO2H)2]∞ have been prepd. and characterized by X-ray   crystallog. The networks exhibit a variety of topologies and   coordination modes at the metal center. The reaction of the   ligand with cobalt(II) nitrate or zinc(II) nitrate in   methanol/pyridine(py) results in the formation of isostructural   1-D chains [(Ph2C6H2(CO2)2)M(py)2(MeOH)]∞ (M = Zn, Co). However,   in the presence of ethanol and triethylamine Zn(NO3)2 reacts to   form a 2-D clay-like network [(Ph2C6H2(CO2)2)Zn(EtOH)2]∞. 2-D   networks are also formed in similar reactions with copper(II)   nitrate or silver(I) nitrate to give   [(Ph2C6H2(CO2)(CO2H))2Cu(py)2]∞,   [(Ph2C6H2(CO2)(CO2H))2Cu(py)4·2H2O]∞ and [(Ph2C6H2(CO2)2)Ag2]∞,   resp. The hydrogen-bonded chains formed by the ligand alone and   with 4,4'-dipyridyl are also described. [on SciFinder(R)]

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