Tim Duerinck - Pulse Gas Chromatographic Study of Adsorption of Substituted Aromatics and Heterocyclic Molecules on MIL-47 at Zero Coverage

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  Duerinck, Tim, Couck, Sarah, Vermoortele, Frederik, De Vos, Dirk   E., Baron, Gino V., Denayer, Joeri F. M., LANGMUIR,   2012, 28 (39), pp 13883-13891


    The low coverage adsorptive properties of the MIL-47 metal   organic framework toward aromatic and heterocyclic molecules are   reported in this paper. The effect of molecular functionality and   size on Henry adsorption constants and adsorption enthalpies of   alkyl and heteroatom functionalized benzene derivates and   heterocyclic molecules was studied using pulse gas   chromatography. By means of statistical analysis, experimental   data was analyzed and modeled using principal component analysis   and partial least-squares regression. Structure property   relationships were established, revealing and confirming several   trends. Among the molecular properties governing the adsorption   process, vapor pressure, mean polarizability, and dipole moment   play a determining role.

  Address (URL): http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/la3027732