Tim Duerinck - adsorption of light alkanes on meso-microporous silica

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  Duerinck, T., Leflaive, P., Arik, I. C., Pirngruber, G., Meynen,   V., Cool, P., Martens, J. A., Baron, G. V., Faraj, A., Denayer,   J. F. M., CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL,   2012, 179, pp 52-62


    Adsorption properties of linear and branched (C5-C9) alkanes were   studied on the mesoporous materials MCM-41, MCM-48, PHTS and   SBA-15 in the 75-195 degrees C temperature range. Adsorption   enthalpies at zero coverage and Henry constants were measured by   gas phase chromatography. The experimental data was statistically   investigated and used for modeling. Quantitative structure   activity/property relation models were established relating   structural descriptors of adsorbate and adsorbent to adsorption   properties using partial least square regression. It was shown   that the presence of micropores leads to an increase in Henry   constants and adsorption enthalpies but does not induce shape   selectivity. Excellent agreement is found between experimental   and modeled adsorption properties. In depth analysis reveals   influence of the degree of branching but not the position of the   branching for these materials.

  Address (URL): http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S138589471101271X