Anthony Umendiego - Effect of Mixtures of Shredded Maize Stalk, Cowdung and Inoculum on Biogas Production.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  Published in the journal of the Anambra State Chapter of the   Chemical Society of Nigeria (2008).

  Anachem Journal, 2008 Vol 3(2), 500-504.

  ISSN 2006-5221


  Four one litre glass bottles and four 50 cm3 inverted burettes   were used as anaerobic digesters and gas collection chambers   respectively in an experiment to compare the biogas production   from mixtures of cattle slurry, shredded maize stalks and   inoculums. The proportions of the mixtures used are - Sample A:   20% Inoculum, 80% slurry and 0% shredded maize stalk; Sample B:   23.76% inoculum, 71.18% slurry and 5.06% shredded maize stalk;   Sample C: 29.24% inoculum, 58.32% slurry and 12.44% shredded   maize stalk; Sample D: 61.04% inoculum, 0% slurry, 38.96%   shredded maize stalk. Retention period of 32 days with ambient   temperature range of 26 to 35 degree Centigrade gave biogas   yields with Sample C - 12.44 % shredded maize stalk giving the   highest yield of 910.8 cm3 while Sample D - 38.96% shredded maize   stalk gave the lowest yield of 74.8 cm3. It was found out that as   the percentage of shredded maize stalk increased, the initial pH   of the mixture decreased.

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