Travis Benanti - Modeling of Bulk and Bilayer Organic Heterojunction Solar Cells

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      Appl. Phys. Lett. 2010, 96(14), 3307.


      Solar cells require symmetry-breaking features such as built-in   electrostatic fields and/or effective fields. We examine an   organic heterojunction structure with no built-in field and   explore the origins of its current-voltage characteristics and   open circuit voltage (Voc). Two   behaviors are found: (1) Voc = Vi +   m[(H(D) - (L(A)] where m ≈ 1,   the intercept (Vi) is determined by   interface recombination kinetics, H(D) is the donor highest   occupied molecular orbital, and L(A) is the acceptor lowest   unoccupied molecular orbital; (2) if interface recombination is   suppressed, Voc is controlled by   bulk/contact recombination and is not dependent upon H(D) - L(A).

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