Guillaume De Bo - Sequence-Specific Peptide Synthesis by an Artificial Small-Molecule Machine

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Lewandowski, Bartosz, De Bo, Guillaume,   Ward, John W., Papmeyer, Marcus, Kuschel, Sonja, Aldegunde, María   J., Gramlich, Philipp M. E., Heckmann, Dominik, Goldup, Stephen   M., D’Souza, Daniel M., Fernandes, Antony E., Leigh, David A.,   Science , 2013, 339 (6116 ),   pp 189 -193

  Abstract: The ribosome builds proteins by   joining together amino acids in an order determined by messenger   RNA. Here, we report on the design, synthesis, and operation of   an artificial small-molecule machine that travels along a   molecular strand, picking up amino acids that block its path, to   synthesize a peptide in a sequence-specific manner. The chemical   structure is based on a rotaxane, a molecular ring threaded onto   a molecular axle. The ring carries a thiolate group that   iteratively removes amino acids in order from the strand and   transfers them to a peptide-elongation site through native   chemical ligation. The synthesis is demonstrated with ~1018   molecular machines acting in parallel; this process generates   milligram quantities of a peptide with a single sequence   confirmed by tandem mass spectrometry.

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