John Shugart - A Heated Cuvette Holder for Fiber-Optic Ultraviolet–Visible Spectrophotometers

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      Breton,   Gary W.; Kinzer, Dwight; Shugart, John H. A heated   cuvette holder for fiber-optic ultraviolet-visible   spectrophotometers. Chemical Educator (2003),   8(3),199-200.


        The design and construction of a novel heated cuvette holder for   fiber optic UV–vis spectrophotometers is described. The cuvette   holder is especially useful for determining the kinetics of   reactions at temperatures greater than 100 °C. Kinetics for the   Diels–Alder reaction of tetraphenylcyclopentadienone with   diphenylacetylene are investigated at several temperatures as an   illustration of the benefits of the new system.

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