John Shugart - Exploration of carbohydrate purification and enzyme kinetics through commercially available material

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  Shugart,   E. A.; Elsbree, K; Frye, T.; VanderWilp, J. A.; Shugart, J. H.   Exploration of carbohydrate purification and enzyme   kinetics through commercially available material.   Chemical Educator. Vol. 16 (2011) pp 26-28.027.


    Applications in chemistry that lead to real world function   increase the interest in applied science. For the chemistry   student, the reaction between lactose and lactase provides an   opportunity to study enzyme kinetics using materials obtained   from everyday sources. The effectiveness of the purification of   lactose from powdered milk and the efficiency of Lactaid to break   down lactose was tested using a glucometer. First enzyme kinetics   were established using a known concentrations of lactose. Then,   lactose was purified from powdered milk using both centrifugation   and crystallization techniques. This purified lactose was mixed   with the lactase enzyme from Lactaid and the rate of the reaction   was monitored by the Ascencia Contour glucometer. It was found   that glucometers can be used to monitor the enzymatic reaction of   Lactaid using a lactose substrate purified from powdered   milk.

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