Patrizio Salice - Squaraine Compounds: Tailored Design and Synthesis towards a Variety of Material Science Applications

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Beverina, Luca, Salice, Patrizio, Eur.   J. Org. Chem., 2010, 2010 (7), pp   1207-1225

  Abstract: The interest in squaraine compounds, a   relatively old class of dyes, has been recently renewed due to   their potential usefulness in a large number of technologically   relevant fields such as two-photon absorbing materials,   field-effect transistors, solar cells, NIR-emitting fluorescent   probes and sensitizers for photodynamic therapy. Aim of the   present review is to summarize the most convenient strategies for   squaraines and polysquaraines syntheses and to discuss the design   strategies enabling for the preparation of squaraines having   properties relevant for a given material application. In   particular, in the first section of the review we will describe   the various synthetic approaches for the preparation of squaraine   and polysquaraine derivatives. The second section will focus on   squaraines applications. We will describe in detail the use of   squaraines in bioimaging and photodynamic therapy. Within the   topic of bio-related applications we will also discuss the   applications of squaraines as histological probes. Within the   NLO-related applications, we will focus on squaraine-based   electro-optic and two-photon absorbing materials. Dealing with   photoconduction related applications, we will discuss the most   recent applications of squaraine compounds in various kinds of   devices such as solar cells, hybrid solar cells and   NIR-responsive photodetectors. In all of the cases we will mainly   focus on structure–property relationships highlighting the role   of the active molecule design in the final device performances.

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