Mindy Levine - Photoluminescent energy transfer from poly(phenyleneethynylene)s to near-infrared emitting fluorophores

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  •     Levine,     Mindy; Song, Inja; Andrew, Trisha L.; Kooi, Steven E.;     Swager, Timothy M.  
  •     From Journal of Polymer     Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2010), 48(15), 3382-3391.  


    Photoluminescent energy transfer was investigated in conjugated   polymer-fluorophore   blended thin films. A pentiptycene-contg.   poly(phenyleneethynylene) was used as the energy donor, and 13   fluorophores were used as energy acceptors. The efficiency of   energy transfer was measured by monitoring both the quenching of   the polymer emission and the enhancement of the fluorophore   emission. Near-IR   emitting squaraines and terrylenes were identified as excellent   energy acceptors. These results, where a new fluorescent signal   occurs in the near-IR   region on a completely dark background, offer substantial   possibilities for designing highly sensitive   turn-on   sensors.

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