Mindy Levine - Biomimetic Catalysis

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    • Marchetti, Louis; Levine, Mindy 
    •     From ACS Catalysis (2011),     1(9), 1090-1118.  


        A review. The field of biomimetic chem. encompasses a wide   variety of subfields, including biomimetic catalysis, bioinspired   self-assembly,   and biomimetic reactions in total synthesis. Reviewed herein are   select examples of biomimetic catalysis using macrocycles, such   as cyclodextrins, cucurbiturils, cavitands, macrocyclic   metal-ligand   self-assemblies,   etc., and polymeric catalysts, such as polyethyleneimine derivs.   and molecularly imprinted polymers. The use of such catalysts in   a variety of synthetic reactions, including several examples of   Diels-Alder   cycloaddns., is presented. Several examples of the connections   between biomimetic catalysis and organocatalysis are also   discussed.

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