Mindy Levine - Two polymorphs of 1,8-dichloroanthracene

Document created by Mindy Levine on Aug 22, 2014
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  • Mueller, Peter; Fronczek, Frank R.; Smith, Stacey J.; Mako,   Teresa; Levine,   Mindy 
  •     From Acta     Crystallographica, Section C: Crystal Structure Communications     (2013), C69(2), 199-203.  


    A second, monoclinic, polymorph of the title compd., C14H8Cl2,   has been found. In addn. to the structure of this monoclinic   form, the structure of the previously described orthorhombic form   has been redetd. at low temp. and using modern methods. The   low-temp.   structure of the orthorhombic form is of significantly higher   quality than the previously published structure and addnl.   details can be derived. A comparison of the crystal packing of   the two forms with a focus on weak intermol.   C-H···Cl   interactions shows the monoclinic structure to have one such   interaction linking the mols. into infinite ribbons, while two   crystallog. independent C-H···Cl   interactions give rise to an interesting infinite   three-dimensional   network in the orthorhombic crystal form.

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