Lincoln Scott - Synthesis of 5-fluoropyrimidine nucleotides as sensitive NMR probes of RNA structure.

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  J Am Chem   Soc. 2007 Dec 5;129(48):14911-21. Epub 2007 Nov 9.


  Enzymatic synthesis methods for the fluorinated 5'-triphosphate   analogues 5F-UTP and 5F-CTP have been developed to facilitate   19F-labeling of RNAs for biophysical studies. HIV-2 TAR RNAs were   synthesized using these analogues by in vitro transcription   reactions using T7 RNA polymerase. The uniform incorporation of   5F-U or 5F-C analogues into HIV-2 TAR RNA transcripts does not   significantly alter the RNA structure or thermodynamic stability.   Fluorine observed homonuclear 19F-19F and heteronuclear 19F-1H   NOE experiments providing selective distance information are   presented and discussed. The availability of efficient synthesis   of 5F-UTP, and for the first time, 5F-CTP, will facilitate the   use of 5F-labeled RNAs in structural, ligand binding, and dynamic   studies of RNAs using the advantages of 19F-labeling.

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