Ann Newman - "Pharmaceutical Cocrystals and Their Physicochemical Properties" N. Schultheiss, A. Newman.

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  Crystal Growth and Design, 2009,   9(6), 2950-2967.


  Over the last 20 years, the number of publications outlining the   advances in design strategies, growing techniques, and   characterization of cocrystals has continued to increase   significantly within the crystal engineering field. However, only   within the last decade have cocrystals found their place in   pharmaceuticals, primarily due to their ability to alter   physicochemical properties without compromising the structural   integrity of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and thus,   possibly, the bioactivity. This review article will highlight and   discuss the advances made over the last 10 years pertaining to   physical and chemical property improvements through   pharmaceutical cocrystalline materials and, hopefully, draw   closer the fields of crystal engineering and pharmaceutical   sciences.

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