Devandran Krishnan - Lipase catalysed Amino sugar derivative in Tri-solvent mixture

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      In this work, a new type of amino sugar derivative tagged as   amino sugar similar to N-acetyl-glucosamine, commonly used in   medical

      field as medicine to treat osteoarthritis has been synthesized.   This amino sugar derivative produced from glucose and propylamine   with

      the aid of immobilized Candida antarctica (Novozyme 435) lipase,   as catalyst. Mixtures of solvent influence the high solubility of   sugar

      and thus increasing the yield. Optimization studies such as time,   molar ratio, temperature and enzyme quantity conducted for   optimization.

      Optimized condition yields 73.37 % amino sugar was obtained upon   2 h of reaction, 1:5 molar ratio of substrates, 40 ºC temperature

      and 17 % enzyme mass

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