Ann Newman - X-ray Powder Diffraction in Solid Form Screening and Selection

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  A. Newman. Amer. Pharm. Rev. 2011,  Sept/Oct, 44-51


  Solid form screening is commonly performed to find a candidate   with optimal properties for early development or to find a form   with different properties to improve a formulation in later   development. A variety of screens can be performed including   polymorph, salt, co-crystal, amorphous, and amorphous dispersion.   X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) is commonly used at various   stages of screening to identify and characterize new forms. It is   also used to help evaluate other properties, such as physical   stability and manufacturability, in order to choose the best form   for development. This paper discusses the use of XRPD during   screening and form selection of pharmaceutical materials.

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