Gijo George - Crystal-Structure Analysis of cis-X-Pro-Containing Peptidomimetics: Understanding the Steric Interactions at cis X-Pro Amide Bonds

Version 1

      Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Angewandte Chemie International Edition

      Abstract: Catch the twist: The cis Piv-Pro   conformer (Piv=pivaloyl) of peptides is no longer inaccessible.   Any cis X-Pro tertiary-amide-bond conformer can be stabilized in   crystals of peptides by accommodating the unavoidable distortion   of the dihedral angle of the peptide bond to the carbonyl group   of the Pro residue, in this case through ni-1 →πi * interactions.   Steric clashes were not observed in the cis Piv-Pro rotamers   studied

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