Michael Marty - Nonlinear Analyte Concentration Gradients for One-Step Kinetic Analysis Employing Optical Microring Resonators.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Marty,Michael T., Sloan,Courtney D.   Kuhnline, Bailey,Ryan C., Sligar,Stephen G., Anal. Chem.   (Washington, DC, U. S.), 2012, 84  (13), pp 5556-5564

  Abstract: Conventional methods to probe the   binding kinetics of macromols. at biosensor surfaces employ a   stepwise titrn. of analyte concns. and measure the assocn. and   dissocn. to the immobilized ligand at each concn. level. It has   previously been shown that kinetic rates can be measured in a   single step by monitoring binding as the analyte concn. increases   over time in a linear gradient. The authors report here the   application of nonlinear analyte concn. gradients for detg.   kinetic rates and equil. binding affinities in a single expt. A   versatile nonlinear gradient maker is presented, which is easily   applied to microfluidic systems. Simulations validate that   accurate kinetic rates can be extd. for a wide range of assocn.   and dissocn. rates, gradient slopes, and curvatures, and with   models for mass transport. The nonlinear analyte gradient method   is demonstrated with a silicon photonic microring resonator   platform to measure prostate specific antigen-antibody binding   kinetics. [on SciFinder(R)]

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