rofiq sunaryanto - Isolation and chemical structure elucidation of antimicrobial produced by marine actinomycetes

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  Jurnal Pascapanen dan Bioteknologi   Kelautan dan Perikanan Vol. 5 No. 1, Juni 2010


  Isolation, identification and cytotoxicity test of marine   actinomycetes isolated from coastal marine sediment samples taken   from south coast of Yogyakarta have been conducted. A total of 30   marine sediment samples were collected from several different   location points. Isolation was conducted using heat shock   treatment (heating at 65ºC for 60 minutes) and isolates were   grown in HV Agar medium. Active compounds were produced by   fermentation using a yeast peptone glucose medium. A number of 93   actinomycetes were isolated from 30 marine sediment sample.   Identification using 16 S rRNA showed that the most abundant   isolates were the genus of Streptomycineae 38 isolates, followed   by Micromonosporineae 17 isolates, Corynebacterineae 16 isolates   and some identified as Micrococcineae, Streptosporangineae,   Frankineae, Propionibacterineae, Pseudonocardineae and   Proteobacteria. Cytotoxicity assay using a cell line A549 showed   that 6 isolates exhibited strong activity against the cell line   A549, 2 isolates exhibited moderate activity, 9 isolates   exhibited weak activity, and 76 isolates exhibited no activity.

  KEYWORDS: actinomycetes, biodiversity, bioactivity, isolation

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