Dan Lehnherr - Synthesis and Properties of Isomerically Pure Anthrabisbenzothiophenes

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  D. Lehnherr, R. Hallani, R. McDonald, J.E. Anthony, R.R.   Tykwinski, Organic Letters 2012,   14, 62-65


  The   synthesis of three heptacyclic heteroacenes is described, namely   anthra[2,3-b:7,6-b]bis[1]benzothiophenes   (ABBTs). A stepwise sequence of aldol reactions provides   regiochemical control, affording only the syn-isomer.   The ABBTs are characterized by X-ray crystallography, UV–vis   absorption, and emission spectroscopy, as well as cyclic   voltammetry. Field effect transistors based on solution-cast thin   films of ABBT derivatives exhibit charge-carrier mobilities of as   high as 0.013 cm2/(V s).

  Address (URL): http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ol202843x